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Kulasekara Alwar Information and 12 Alwars

Kulasekara Alwar Information and 12 Alwars

Kulasekara Varman (reign 800–820 AD) also known as Kulashekhara Alwar (Tamil: குலசேகர ஆழ்வார்) was the founder and King of the Later Chera Kingdom (Mahodayapuram Kulasekharas) from 800 AD until his departure from public life, a devotional Vaishnavism poet and one of the 12 celebrated Alwars.

The initial territories of Kulasekhara Varman included Kudamalainadu only. Kulashekhara Varman re-united the present day Kerala state into a united homogeneous entity and ruled from the capital city of Mahodayapuram (present Kodungallur) built around the great Siva temple of Thiruvanchikulam.[1] During his Zenith, Kulasekhara kingdom extended throughout the present day Kerala state, Nilgiris district, including Gudalur and Salem-Coimbatore region. It was probably during this period Udagai became the second capital of the Kulasekara dynasty with a member of the Kulasekara family appointed to rule over this region.

He is one of the 12 Alvar saints of South India, who are known for their affiliation to Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism. The temples reverred by these azhwars are termed Divya desam.
This kind of great character of Kulasekarar made him to get the name as “Kulasekara Alwar” and he followed the Vaishnava bhakti to a vast extent. He had a great bhakti towards Sri Ramar who is also called as “Periya Perumal” and he wrote “Perumal Thirumozhi”. He did a lot of Kainkaryams (devotion) towards Aranganathan and finally got the Paramapadham.

Reign 800-820 AD
Full name Kulasekhara Varman (Alvar)
Birthplace Thiruvanchikkulam
Died 820 AD
Place of death Mannarkovil, Tirunelveli district
Buried Mannarkovil, Tirunelveli district
Predecessor Dhidavradhan
Successor Rajashekhara Varman
Royal House House of Later Cheras
Dynasty Later Chera dynasty
Father Dhidavradhan
Mother Nadhanayagi
Children Dhidavradhan, Ilai

This thought didn’t stop, it extended assuming him (Kulasekarar) as the mother (Devaki) of Sri Kannan, he explained the childhood leelas of Sri Krishnar. He explained his leelas as :

“Thann Am Thamaraik Kannane! Kanna
Thavazhtu Ezhundhu Thalarndhu Oar Nadayaal
Mannil Sempodi Aadivandhu Enthan
Maarbil Mannidam Petrilen! Andho!
Vanna Chemsiru Kaiviral Anaithum
Vaari Vaaikkonda Adisilin Micchil
Unnaip Petrilen oh! Keduvinaiyen
Ennai Enseip Petradhu Em Moyae”!

In this, Kulasekarar thinks Sri Kannan as his child and explains him about his childhood leelas. He started to love the God and it extended so well.

Because of his great bhakti, he did lots of Dhaanams to Vishnu bhaktas. He praised the Perumal by praising and satisfying his bhaktas.

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